With April on its way in, it’s time to start working on yarn projects for the summer.  What better way to use the time stuck indoors because of spring showers than by preparing for summer excursions?  I find it oddly therapeutic.

When making summer items, focus on light and airy materials.  Bright colors are a must!  Also, take into consideration of the use of what you are making.  Tote bags of wool are lovely, but not so much when you plan on taking them to beach where they will get sandy and can only be hand washed.  This is a great time to tap in to the alternative materials supply.  Consider making bags using plarn, cotton, hemp etc.  I will post later on using alternative materials and link back here when I do, but there are endless options out there.

Here are some summer patterns I found:

This pattern is featured on Sugarncream.com using their Lily Sugar’n Cream yarn.  It is a beginner Summer Tote pattern and has a separate cord strap.

On the blog, Joyful Abode, a lovely Water’s Edge Cover-Up pattern is featured.  It is also a crochet pattern that I would classify as intermediate.


Also, consider summer tableware.  Alexa Aludeman’s blog Gourmet Crafter has a free summer inspired Sampler Placemat pattern for knitting.  Placemats can be as complicated or as simple as you desire, so they are great for all skill levels.  She has an Etsy store as well where she sells hand-dyed yarn.




This Not A Sandy Bottom beach bag pattern is featured on the blog, Durable Dora.  It is a roomy beach tote that is perfect for carrying your towel and gear or running to the store.  It was made using Lily Sugar’n Cream yarn.